I serve breakfast, lunch and a morning and afternoon snack with an optional evening meal.  The children will have access to drinking water at all times along with milk at meal times. Please let me know if your child has any allergies or special food requirements and if you would like me to provide dinner as well.

Please Note:

The Menu can be altered by children’s preferences, example making Pizza for lunch and baking cup cakes for snacks and is not exhaustive.

Allergies and Religion will be taken into account when preparing the childrens food.

Typical Weekly Food Menu


Breakfast; Banana Bran muffin
Snack; Sliced Fresh Fruit
Lunch; Cottage Pie with Carrots and peas followed by yogurt
Snack; Fresh fruit and a children’s’ sugar free biscuit
Evening Meal; Pasta Pesto with Broccoli and Carrots


Breakfast; Weetabix with milk and sliced apple/banana
Snack; Raisins
Lunch; Beef and Vegetable Pasta bake
Snack; Rice cake with banana/sliced apple
Evening Meal; Sausages, mashed potatoes and beans/broccoli.


Breakfast; Scrambled egg on toast and a yogurt
Snack; dried fruit box
Lunch; chicken and vegetable stew with rice, 
Snack; sliced grapes and nectarine
Evening Meal; Pasta in a Beef and Vegetable Bolognese sauce


Breakfast; Buttered Fruit Toast and sliced banana 
Snack; Drop scones
Lunch; Sausages, potato wedges, broccoli and carrots
Snack; yogurt
Evening Meal; Chicken and vegetable pasta bake


Breakfast; Banana Bran Muffin, sliced grapes
Snack; Raisins and Rice cakes
Lunch; Chicken strips, steamed vegetables and humus dip
Snack; Fresh fruit
Evening Meal; Fish fingers, potato and vegetables

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