Please keep checking in for images of places we love to visit, and things we like to do!

The Horniman Museum (Forest Hill)

The Aquarium

Fish at the Horniman Museum Crabs at the Horniman Museum 

The Hands-on Animal world

Animal World at the Horniman Museum Fox at the Horniman Museum  

Learning about the World

The World room at the Horniman Museum 

Learing about musical instruments

Music room at the Horniman Museum  music room at the Horniman Museum  

On the Farm

the Farm The Farm    

Westcroft Leasure Centre

Westcroft Westcroft    

The Park

The park The park      

Playing at Mouse's house

the garden building blocks  

playing play kitchen 

  reading  finger painting  

 Bubble fun Paint Splatting   Shaving Foam and Animals  



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