Health and Safety  Policy                  

As a registered childminder and in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Health and Safety Act 1974, I will take reasonable steps to ensure that all hazards to children on the premises, both inside and out are minimised.  My home will provide clean and well-supervised learning and play areas, which will be fully cleaned (i.e. floors, work areas etc.) on a daily basis.  The area is checked daily for broken items that may hurt children.  Toys are inspected on each occasion they are used and any that are damaged are either repaired or discarded.  Toys are also washed and disinfected frequently.

 Any bedding that is used is washed weekly or as needed.

Equipment is inspected daily for wear and tear and is repaired if needed.  These items are also disinfected weekly and cleaned with an antibacterial solution daily.

Socket covers will be in use at all times and, where possible, all wires are tucked out of the reach of children.  Where possible, furniture is placed in front of, or on top of wires.

All children will be encouraged to wash their hands before meals and snacks and after using the toilet.

Changing mats will be cleaned with an antibacterial solution before and after use on each occasion.

To discourage any accidents children will only be allowed in the kitchen under strict supervision.

Smoke alarms are checked on a regular basis and batteries are replaced when necessary.

All harmful chemicals, medications, or dangerous items are kept behind locked doors.

I operate a No Smoking Policy.

 Outdoor Play

Any gardening equipment will be safely locked in a shed out of reach of children.

Outdoor toys are checked for safety, on each occasion that they are used, and repairs will be made if necessary.

All outdoor toys will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Gates and fences will be frequently checked for damage.  Gates will be closed and secured while children are in the garden.

Sand pit will be fitted with a cover when not in use.


In case of fire the children will leave by the nearest available exit.  These are situated at the front and rear of the house.  This will be practised once a month so that children become familiar with the drill. 

Smoke alarms are fitted on every level.  All smoke alarms are regularly serviced and cleaned.  Batteries are changed every 6 months or as required.

A carbon monoxide detector is fitted on the ground level and is serviced and cleaned regularly.

My central heating boiler is inspected and serviced annually.

I have the appropriate fire blanket installed in the kitchen.

As a Registered Childminder I must have a first aid certificate.  A first aid box can be located in the kitchen.

All cleaning products and other chemicals are locked out of reach of children.

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