Policy: Working with parents

Policy statement: Working with parents

I aim to work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children. 

All children and adults are treated with equal concern and are made to feel welcome in my home. 

Procedure (how I put the statement into practice)

I keep up to date about working in partnership with parents and carers and with relevant legislation by taking regular training and by reading relevant publications such as Nursery World.

All parents receive a copy of my policies and procedures, which detail how I run my setting.

I draw up and sign a written contract with parents before the placement starts which detail the expectations of the care to be provided, activities and business arrangements. The contract is signed by the parent(s) and myself and dated. A copy is given to the parent(s) and any other party involved in the contractual arrangements. The contract is reviewed every six months or when circumstances change. I issue receipts for all monies paid.

Wherever possible I try to meet parents’ requests for the care of their children according to their values and practices, preferences and attitudes. Family customs and beliefs about dietary requirements, dress code, hair and skin care, help required with toilet and washing are respected as detailed in my equal opportunities policy.

Records of the requirements agreed are kept attached to the child record forms. These records are revisited and updated during regular reviews with parents.

I will notify all parents in advance when I am to be inspected by Ofsted so that parents can contribute their views to the inspector if they want to. Iwill supply parents with a copy of the Ofsted report within five working days of receiving the report.

I keep parents regularly informed about my daily routines and childcare practices and share information about the children with parents using a diary, which stays with the child and is shared with the parents and face-to-face meetings. I informally share information when the children are collected or dropped off.

I maintain a record of parents’ and/or emergency contact details, contact details for the child’s GP and appropriate signed consent forms. All details will be kept confidential and records are kept secure.

Children will only be released from my care to the parent(s)/carer(s), or to someone named and authorised by the parent/carer. A password might be used to confirm identity if the person collecting the child is not previously known to me.

If a child is identified as a child in need (Childcare Act 2006) I will, normally with the parent’s permission, give appropriate information to referring agencies.

I expect parents to inform me of any changes in the child’s home circumstances, care arrangements or any other change which may affect the child’s behaviour, such as a new baby, parents’ separation, divorce, new partner or any bereavement. All information shared will be kept confidential unless there appears to be a child protection issue.

I offer regular review meetings with parents to discuss their child’s care and any issues or concerns, preferably when the child is not present. If I do not share the same first language as the child’s parent, I will find a way of communicating effectively with them. This may include seeking guidance from the local early years team.

I work together with parents to make sure that the care of their child is consistent. A consistent approach benefits the child’s welfare and helps ensure the child is not confused.

All complaints will be investigated. Please see my Complaints Policy.

All significant incidents are recorded in an incident book and will be shared and discussed with parents so that we can work together to resolve any issues.


Meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirements

Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare – The provider must take necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.


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